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Ever had a thought about a wooden band instead of a metal one as your wedding ring? Many people overlook the trendy, sleek and chic woods that are often used for productions of these rings because so much emphasis and tradition is placed on rings made from precious metals.

Wooden rings are a fairly recent style, while metal ones have existed since medieval times!

As with everything, there are certain pros and cons to using wood as a crafting material. But there are also certain misconceptions people fall to when thinking about wooden rings.

Not all wood is the same

Do you know why there aren’t many 24 carat gold ring? HINT: it’s not because they’re expensive. Gold, as a material, similar to soft wood, scratches and dents easily and is therefore used less as a main material but more as an addition of value.

This is why for most wooden jewelry, hardwood is used, mostly mahogany, teak, ash and more recently – Koa Wood.

Typical Koa Wood Design

Woods have beautiful colors, grains and look natural, with many symbolic meanings as well and can look classy. Combined with metals to achieve a sturdier and solid overall product they can last for ages. Especially so with Koa Wood which has proven to be one of the more durable wooden materials.

Maintenance and Lifestyle Considerations

Do you swim a lot? Wash dishes? Work with heavy machinery? What about oils? You have to consider these when purchasing your ring and while it may not have cost you thousands of dollars, the value it brings, which can be beyond money, means you should take good care of it.

So, as with any jewelry (unless you’re James Bond and use one of those fancy Omega diver watches), take the ring off if you’ll be submerged for a long time or if you’ll be exposed to the elements.

That ring, it’s a treasure, not a tool.

But this does not mean that the ring will break, twist, scratch or dissolve with no reason. With protective coatings, varnish, and proper maintenance, a wooden wedding band can easily last as long as a metal one. It just might take a little more work than it would for a metal one. Metal bands with wooden inlays usually also have a protective varnish in the inset.

So when do I save money with Koa Rings

Think about how many times you wish you could’ve purchased a ring as a gift or for a special occasion for yourself, your beloved partner, your kids, your grandkids, your colleagues going on pension, your parents as a thank you gift, your neighbor for their birthday – the opportunities are countless, yet, we just simply can’t afford it.

With Wooden Koa Rings and Koa Wood Jewelry in integration with Tungsten Carbide you’ll be able to purchase all of these, and present yourself in the best light wherever you go – whether with your own style choices or gifts for others.

In November this is even more so true! Because the demand is so high, the competition so fierce, holidays around the corner – prices are at their lowest. Everyone is trying to offer the best deal possible and customers embrace it!

Around $682 billion (yes, that’s a B) was spent last year during Black Friday. This year the number is expected to reach $700 billion. Why? Well… you can get Koa Rings for 70% off. So the question is – WHY NOT?


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