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7 Reasons Why Koa Wood Make the Best Rings in the World

Koa wood is deeply rich in colors and the grain pattern varies because it is always harvested from a large tree. The fact that it’s a fast growing tree allows for natural replenishment and has been used in Hawaii for generations because of this. The wood native to Hawaii Island and it is the second most common tree there. Koa means warrior, brave, and bold in Hawaiian language. Every part of the wood can be used to create products. Woodworkers delight in working with koa’s variable grain, curly figure, and color to create uniquely beautiful products. Due to the unique attributes of the wood, it is used to produce a large variety of products ranging from furniture, bowl, caps, jewelry, boats, guns, etc. Koa wood is used to make jewelry because of its unique properties.

If you are looking for reasons why this wood is good for jewelry, here are some you can share with friends:


Koa wood is very durable and it can last long with proper care. The wood can withstand wear, pressure, or damage. It is tough and indestructible which makes it last longer than other trees. Koa wood is also water resistant (but not water proof) and lightweight when it is processed into jewelry making it very comfortable to wear. Pieces of jewelry made from Koa wood don’t dent, crack or scratch very easily.

It is odorless

Unlike other types of wood, the koa wood is odorless which makes it very good for jewelry. The odorless nature of the wood makes it especially great for rings since hands and fingers sweat during the heat and all that can make your ring not smell good. Anyone who wears rings knows these issues. Well, with koa wood – you don’t have those problems. The wood is very eco-friendly.

No health complications

The koa wood doesn’t cause any health problems. It doesn’t cause any allergies and not toxic to the skin. Using the wood for jewelry purposes is not hazardous to the human health.


The koa wood is very easy to work with and it sands well. It rarely gives gluing problems. Koa wood is very easy to design, carve, polish and finish when making jewelry. Koa wood possesses minerals that make it very abrasive when working with it.


Koa wood is stylish, fashionably elegant and sophisticated due to the color varieties the wood has got to offer. Koa wood can be joined with other materials like iron, gold and other resources to make it more stylish to produce different jewelries that suit everyone’s taste. Pieces of jewelry made from koa wood are always fashionable, elegant and beautiful.


The color of koa wood can vary but the wood tends to be medium golden or reddish brown. Generally, koa wood is reddish to dark brown, often with a golden luster and darker streaks. The color of the wood makes it very appealing. The curly grain of the wood also adds to its color giving it a unique design. You can be sure to have a beautiful jewelry when made from koa wood because of its rich color.

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