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    Browsing for that perfect gift for yourself of someone special? Check out our entire collection of products here!
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    Browse our entire collection of Tungsten Carbide rings! Each style is unique, durable, and beautifully designed! 
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    Everyone deserves the best of the best, which is why we created our Premium Collection!  
  • Celtic & Tribal

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    Our Celtic & Tribal collection offers unique heritage-inspired styles made of Tungsten Carbide!
  • Koa Wood

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    Our designers used beautiful Hawaiian Koa Wood this blended with other natural materials to make rings designed to last a lifetime!
  • Meteorite

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    Our Meteorite rings blend beautiful materials from this world and beyond to create unique treasures to add to your collection!
  • Multicolored

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    This curated collection includes rings with bright vibrant colors that make a bold statement of style!
  • This collection features the luminous colors of nature provided by Opal and Abalone shell inlaid into Tungsten Carbide. 
  • Rose Gold

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    This unique collection features Rose Gold colored Tungsten Carbide rings blended with other beautiful materials from the earth!
  • Traditional

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    This collection celebrates the beauty and simplicity of classic styles for any occasion!
  • Wooden Sunglasses

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    Enjoy our beautiful collection made from elements of the Earth!
  • Wooden Watches

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    This collection of wooden watches blends woods with strong metals creating timepieces that will last a lifetime!
  • Enjoy our beautiful collection made from elements of the Earth!    
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