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What payment method you accept?

We support all major credit and debit cards: VISA, Mastercard, American Express etc.  We also accept PayPal and Apple Pay.  We now offer Klarna, the payment plan option with NO interest!


When will my order be processed and shipped?

All of our orders are shipped from our warehouses in Florida.  Most products are in stock and ready to ship.  We package and ship orders that are in stock in 5 to 24 business hours.  Some made to order items will take 18-24 days to manufacture and ship.


When will I receive my order?

Most orders ship within 1 day. We use USPS for all orders.  Depending on your location, you can get your order as fast as 1 day from shipment, or as long as 5 days (depending on the speed of USPS).  Once we ship your package, we have zero control as to how quickly it gets there.  International orders will take longer.

Can I track my order?

Yes, we send you an email with tracking as soon as we ship it.

What shipping methods do you offer?

USPS First Class, Priority, Priority Express, and International.


Durability of Koa Wood

While titanium and tungsten are high grade scratch proof materials – wood isn't. However, Koa is not the same as the soft wood you are probably accustomed to. They won’t crack, dent or scratch at the slightest of touches.

However, you should take care when wearing your Koa ring on a daily basis. If you work construction work, you probably wear gloves anyways, but it also might be a good idea to take your ring off. This is especially true for rough construction work.

With the right care, your Koa wood can last for years.

Water Resistant Not Waterproof

Wooden Koa rings are not WATERPROOF. They are water resistant however, with the natural coating and/or wax applied for protection, but still keep in mind that these are organic materials that soak up water when immersed for too long. Taking a quick shower or washing your hands should be fine, but when taking long baths, swims, or while washing dishes you should take your ring off.

Avoiding harsh chemicals

It goes without saying but when dealing with harsh chemicals, whether in the kitchen, bathroom or at work – you should remove your ring. Same goes for using hand lotion. The damp surface can not only damage your ring, but your skin as well. This goes for ANY rings that you use.

Keeping away from sun

Just imagine how your yard furniture looks like when it’s been sitting in the sun the entire year. Do you want that for your ring? During prolonged stays in the sun, like at the beach or during work – tuck away your Koa ring.

Polishing Your Koa Ring

It’s likely that your wooden Koa ring was finished with a polish of linseed or tung oil and a bit of beeswax to give it that nice, smooth finish. You can achieve the same when your wooden ring starts to feel rough or needs a bit of polish.

Clean the ring with some water and dry it off before you start polishing. Apply linseed oil to the ring and allow it to soak into the wood. This will provide a natural moisture that helps the wood stay supple. The beeswax will give it a smooth, protective coating. The oils from your hand will require that you polish your ring regularly to ensure it stays in peak condition.


What's the width of the ring?

The width of the Koa Wood ring is 8 mm or 0.314 inches.
Do you have size 16 or bigger sizes?
We've recently added more sizes, you can check out the full chart in our size guide!


Do you make sets of engagement and wedding ring?

If you would want a set, just place an order for two rings of required sizes and your order will be fulfilled.
I can't find my question here, what can I do?
Visit our contact us page and feel free to contact us in any method available there.

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